Field of Activity

Heat Exchangers

Heatexchangers are equipments those provides heat  transfer between two fluids org ases. According to the type of fluid which will be heated or cooled, corrosion properties, pressure, flow, Logaritmic temperature differece, flow type different type shell and tube heatexchangers and finned tube heatexchangers products are fabricating .


ŞAHANSAN ENGINEERING Company performs the field piping and spool manufacturing works needed in industrial facilities and projects with its professional team.

Storage Tanks

According to API Standards, we make turnkey constructions of storage tanks needed by industrial facilities and enterprises from foundation construction to final insulation and automation systems. Also, in the construction of storage tanks, we use the Hydraulic Jacking system, which mainly constructs large volume fuel storage tanks in the world.

industrial Plant and Construction Works

Our company completes and delivers the project-related construction, mechanical and electrical-automation works of industrial facilities as turnkey. In this regard, it performs the reinforced concrete and steel construction works required to be done in the facility depending on the process. Sahansan Engineering makes the production of process-specific machines in its factory, the procurement of process-specific devices to be procured from abroad, the assembly of the product and system in the field, the process piping, and the system’s electrical automation.

Pressure vessels

According to ASME and PED pressure vessels standards, our company has experience and references in the manufacture and welding of equipment operating at critical pressures such as pressure vessels, production columns, filters, and boiler collectors with the best quality.

Heat Exchanger Retube Works

Heatexchanger retube works are specially important subject for big industrial plants such as oil refineries, petrochemical industry, power plants, other chemical industries. For Shell and tube heatexchangers , Condensers, Feedwater heaters generally retube work is more economic according to manufacture the new equipment. Because you save the tubesheet , buffles and the Shell.


Our Company design and fabricate conveying machines acc to the needs of mining, food, powerplants and other industrial plants. The conveying machine types we fabricate listed below;

  • Chain & Belt Conveyors
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Steep Angle Belt Conveyors

Container Filling System

Our company’s container filling system for the first time in our country is a system applied to provide logistics and economic advantages in filling all kinds of solid bulk cargo into 20 feet standard containers. It is an actively used system in large industries and logistics sectors abroad. As our country’s industry and production develop, the need for such technological systems will also increase.