Quality Control

SAHANSAn quality protocols

SAHANSAN Engineering aims to include all personnel, from top management to the lowest employee, in the quality process at every stage of the business process. Our company has been subject to the ISO 9001 quality system since 2006. At the same time, our company has a quality control system developed following TEMA and ASME Standards, since our company manufactures in the pressure group such as tube mirror connected heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment.

SAHANSAN Engineering Pressure Units Quality Procedure:

• Preliminary project evaluation is made for the equipment to be manufactured.
• If the design belongs to our company, the necessary thermodynamic, heat transfer and strength calculations made, these calculations checked in a software program, and the drawings are done.
• ITP (Quality Control Plan) related to manufacturing starts.
• In the quality control steps followed on the subject, the relevant current standards’ codes written in the ITP plan.
• EN102043.1 or 3.2 certificates approved by the neutral control organization for the materials used in production are supplied and filed.
• Certificates of consumables such as Welding Wires and Gas used are provided.
• Welding Method Procedures are determined, WPS and PQRs are prepared.
• Up-to-date welder certificates created for the personnel who will perform welding.
• Manufacturing resource map (WELD LOG) prepared, and Source Code Lists are ready.
• Non-destructive examinations required by the standard performed, and NDT reports are prepared.
• Calibration reports of all devices used in measurements are checked.
• If there is a tube bending process for heat exchanger manufacturing, sample bend measurements and hardness values are checked and reported according to TEMA Standard.
• Stress relief graphics are reported if there is a stress relief process on welding or bends materials.
• Manufacturing eye control is done and reported.
• If there is a sandblasting-painting process in production, the necessary sandblasting measurement control, paint thickness measurements between layers, air humidity measurements, and reporting made.
• Packaging is suitable for transportation.
• Control and reporting procedures listed above, a quality book for the manufactured equipment, are prepared and placed in this file and presented to the customer and the manufacturing.