Storage Tanks

According to API Standards, we make turnkey constructions of storage tanks needed by industrial facilities and enterprises from foundation construction to final insulation and automation systems. Also, in the construction of storage tanks, we use the Hydraulic Jacking system, which is used mainly to construct large volume fuel storage tanks in the world.
The hydraulic jacking system is a system that works by lifting the tank from the ground level with hydraulic lifters that enable us to build the tank by gradually raising it from the roof to the base and welding new equipment to the bottom.

Advantages of the hydraulic jacking system:
1- Since the welding and manufacturing in the system are completed at the first hardware level, there is no need to build scaffolding and the tank height during construction.
2- Manufacturing quality control is done more quickly.
3- It significantly shortens labour time.
4- It is a much safer system in terms of occupational safety.

In 2012, we built the Fuel Oil Storage Tank, which we carried out at the Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, with a hydraulic jacking system.

Project: Construction of 1400m3 Fuel Oil Storage Tank with a hydro jacking system
– Preparation of reinforced concrete and mechanical projects for Fuel Oil Storage Tank
– Reinforced Concrete Foundation Construction of the Tank

  • Building the tank with a hydro jacking system
  • 16Mo3 Quality heater coil manufacturing and U Bundle Fuel Oil Heater design and manufacturing for the Fuel Oil Outlet Line
  • Sandblast painting works of the interior and exterior of the tank
  • Special liquid ceramic composite coating on the bottom of the tank against corrosion
  • Insulation on the outer surface of the tank
  • Connecting the pipelines
  • Automation of the tank’s level, temperature and heating system