Heat Exchangers

Heatexchangers are equipments those provides heat transfer between two fluids org ases. According to the type of fluid which will be heated or cooled, corrosion properties, pressure, flow, Logaritmic temperature differece, flow type different type shell and tube heatexchangers and finned tube heatexchangers products are fabricating .
ŞAHANSAN Engineering Co. is a company in Turkey and produce Shell and tube , other different type heatexchanger equipments according to İnternational Standarts in high quality standarts. In the same time we can make design according to ASME and TEMA standarts with our experienced engineers. In this sector Our Company is an establishment that has important references for big refineries, petrochemical ındustry, Power plants , Chemical Companies and mining companies in Turkey.

Şahansan Engineering Heat exchanger fabrication Quality Standarts:
-In the order time according to the heatexchanger type and service conditions we prepare Quality Control Plan (ITP)
-For the raw materials we use in the fabrication of heatexchangers like cold drawn seamless tubes, steel and alloyed plates e.t.c we don’t use before the certificate and other controls finished.
-For cutting, bending, drilling , lathe, cold and hot working fabrication process we prepare the dimension tolerancessfor all parts of heatechangers.
-WPS and PQR are prepared before the fabrication
-For tube expansions we calculate the correct expansion ratio and prepare the work according to this standart.
-For drilling the tube sheets and baffles we work with good cnc milling machines .
-Tube to tubesheet and other critic welds are performed with certificated tıg welders.
-For U bending process we prepare the tube bend activity according to TEMA standart
-İn every step of fabrication we prepare dimension and quality control
-After the fabrication of heatexchanger we prepare hydrostatic test according to service pressure and working conditions. İf there is a corrosion risk before start working we fill the equipment with pressured nitrogen gas
-We prepare quality book for the heatexchangers and deliver to the customer with the equipment
Heatexchanger types we produce:

1-Shell and tube heatexchangers:
a-Statioanary head heatexchangers with bellow on the Shell
b-Floating head heatexchangers
c-U tube heatexchangers
d-Condensers with brass, nickel alloyed , and titanium tubes

Shell and tube heatexchanger fabrication
Shell and tube heatexchanger fabrication
Oil Refinery Shell and tube heatexchanger fabrication
Oil Refinery Shell and tube heatexchanger fabrication

2- Finned tube heatexchangers:
a-Vapourized air preheaters
b-Air Cooler & Condenser
c-Generator Hydrogen cooler
Finned Tube 

Powerplant Generator Hydrogen Cooler Fabrication
Powerplant Generator Hydrogen Cooler Fabrication
Solid forged block header Ethane Gas Aircooler 235bar test pressure
Solid forged block header Ethane Gas Aircooler 235bar test pressure
Superheater & Economiser Fabrication
Superheater & Economiser Fabrication
Sulphuric Acid plant evaporator & superheater fabrication
Sulphuric Acid plant evaporator & superheater fabrication

Our company produce the finned tubes that used in the heatexchanger industry in different types according to service conditions

Finned tube Types:

a-Hot Deep Galvanized ellipse tube rectangular finned tube: Generally uses for air preheating inside the tube vapour or hot water passes, Outside the tube air passes and heated. This type of finned tubes have better heat transfer ratio .
-Because of the ellipse tube and fin form there is less air resistance , better pressure drop.
-Better heat transfer ratio provides, so the area of heatexchanger becomes smaller and more compact.
-The hot deep galvanise process increse the heat transfer between tube and fin and increase the corrosion resistance too much.

b-L form finned tubes:
The mechanical temperature resistance of this type finned tubes are 250 Santigrad degree. The fins are forms as L form onthe surface of the tubes , This situation provides good heat transfer. According to service conditions we can produce this type of finned tubes as ;
-Brass tube & copper or aluminium fin
-Carbon or alloyed steel tube & copper or aluminium fin
-Steel tube & steel fin

c-G form finned tubes :
We produce this type of finned tubes for high temperature resistance need conditions. Generally uses in air cooler condensers and waste heat boilers. In this form of finned tubes while the finning operation grooves open o
the tube and the aluminium fins wraps inside of this grooves. These kind of finned tubes need special production process and equipment.


d-High Frequency welded finned tubes:
Generally uses fort he equipments such as Economisers, Süperheaters, waste heat boilers. İnside the tubes fluid or vapour passes , Outside the tubes smoke and waste gasses passes. Carbon steel or stainless tubes & carbon steel or stainless fins combinations and normal or serrated type fins can be produced. For our companie’s projects we import these tubes.

6-Boiler Waterwall Membrane Panels: We can manufacture waterwall panels with automatic welding system acc to internatioal standarts.

Membrane panel welding machine
Membrane panel welding machine
Boiler Waterwall Panels
Boiler Waterwall Panels